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Holzweiler Platz - A space to share moments, big and small

Holzweiler is announcing its 5th store and for the first time, in direct connection to the store, a restaurant connecting the family's passion for both fashion and food.


Its unique location, between the Opera House and Munch Museum that represents culture, music, theatre, and art and proximity to the waterfront as a traditional space for trade, discussions, conversations, and connection to the rest of the world (the Oslo Fjord).

Holzweiler Platz

To create this new space, architect Sn√łhetta has once again been signed. Sn√łhetta¬†has been working to create a special place that continues the Holzweiler handcraft signature style as well as adding new and exciting features with inspiration and respect for the surrounding area.


Susanne Holzweiler about Holzweiler Platz:

"We always wanted a place that was more than the physical transaction of goods, where we could do artist collaborations, get to know new people, enjoy a great meal, good coffee, or a glass of wine, and just hang together.

But before beginning the journey of creating this new and exciting place, we asked ourselves: What is the future of retail? And, not only, do we see a much more purpose-driven/experience-hunting consumer today than ever before, but we also see the need to have something physical to connect the digital. So we have created our own dream place, our very own playground, where we can gather the Holzweiler community every day, for big or small moments, for both shopping, events, art, and food and we have called it Holzweiler Platz."


Holzweiler Platz

Architect, Sn√łhetta, Manon Tardieu:

"We have found inspiration from the immediate surroundings, and the element of water is central to the design of the new Holzweiler store. As well as being a symbol of life, energy, and hope, water unifies people and places located afar from each other. Holzweiler Platz will unify the brand's past with its future, bridging them together to represent the brand today."


Senior Interior Architect, Sn√łhetta - Peter Girgis:

"Holzweiler Platz will be a collage of space, representing overlapping of moments of the past, future, and present. By bringing in drops of essence from other Holzweiler stores, we have created a place where you can sit together, find treasures from past collections, share a moment, discover new directions and experience momentary artistic collaborations. You will be visually guided through the space by the curved and graceful lines permeating the store, making it fluid and waterlike, with elements inspired by islands and water unifying the retail and café section of the new Holzweiler Platz."

As the Hozweiler Platz will be able to host a fusion of fashion, food, and art, a special collaboration will be made yearly with artists. For the first year, a collaboration with Modern Visual Artist Marianne Hurum has been made. Marianne Hurum's work includes different media as painting, sculpture, photography, and installations. Marianne has designed the bespoke artwork for Café Platz. To celebrate the collaboration, Marianne Hurum will be the first artist to have an exhibition at the space followed by both upcoming as well as established artists.


To create the visual identity for Holzweiler Platz Studio Bielke&Yang has developed the full identity design, in true Bielke&Yang style, with an approach to make a positive impact.


Holzweiler Platz will open its doors on June 25th. Come hang with us and book your table at Café Platz!
Holzweiler Platz