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Take a Moment

Welcome to the Take a Moment podcast, a space to block out the noise and let inspiration flow. Each week, we’ll be getting to know an ever expanding range of people from our extended family and how they like to take a moment. In the spirit of our ‘Meeting Free Wednesdays’ at Holzweiler HQ, we’ll be releasing a new episode every Wednesday everywhere podcasts are published.

Explore our episodes below.

Episode 6: Rawdah Mohamed

This week’s guest is a true powerhouse that cannot be defined by one title. Rawdah is an internationally acclaimed model, yet she uses her social platform to discuss and shine a light on issues that go much deeper than just fashion. Dignity and self-worth are so much more valuable to Rawdah than any cover could be, and she knows she doesn’t need to pander to anyone to get what she wants; no matter how powerful they may seem to be. In this insightful conversation, Rawdah speaks to Susanne about her life so far, her career and her guiding principles that have taken her this far.

Episode 5: Sophia Lie

Norway-born, Sweden-based Sophia Lie is truly a force to be reckoned with. After a lucrative decade-long career in modelling, Sophia more recently turned her attention to the wellness industry, opening HEAT in stockholm in 2018. Sophia’s career is inspiring, she’s made her mark as one of the most successful women in business in Scandinavia. The pair, who coincidentally met on International Womens’ Day a few years back; sit down to discuss careers, finding a time for wellness and what’s coming up next in the future.

Episode 4: Märtha Louise

Known to the world as the Princess of Norway, this guest truly transcends this title. Märtha Louise is a successful businesswoman who’s sat at the helm of many companies over the years; most recently she’s forayed into fashion, opening Hést. In this episode, Susanne takes a moment with Märtha Louise to chat about how she manages to find out how she finds balance for herself throughout it all.

Episode 3: Nasir Sirikhan

Nasir Sirikhan, burst onto the scene in 2009 when he won Norway’s Got Talent along with his two partners, Suleman and Bilal Malik; better known collectively as the Quick Style crew. They signed a contract with Sony in the same year, and since then the Quick Style crew has continued to rise. In this episode Nasir stops for a chat with Susanne about life, work and how he prioritises taking a moment for himself in even the busiest of times.

Episode 2: Anita Krohn Traaseth

As the first female CEO of Hewlett Packard Norway and later as CEO of Innovation Norway, we’ve been consistently amazed by Anita Krohn’s Traaseth’s exceptional career path. She doesn’t just have a brain for business, Anita is also the author of two bestselling books and is the host of her own weekly podcast. We’re honoured to have Anita as the first guest on the Take a Moment podcast.

Episode 1: Susanne Holzweiler

For our first episode, we have a catch-up with Susanne Holzweiler. As one of our founders, she’s been there since day 1 and has seen the brand grow into what it is today. She takes a moment with us to take us through how the journey has been so far, and the lessons she’s learned when striving for optimum work/life balance.