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Holzweiler Policies & Guidelines

Holzweiler strives towards a responsible business conduct that respects people, animals, society and the environment. Our Policies and Guidelines for ourselves, suppliers and business partners have been developed to complement our business and sustainability strategy. We communicate and expect our suppliers to share our engagement on these objectives. On this page you will find the key sustainable business practices for us and our suppliers and partners. We will update these documents as we continue our journey.

Responsible Sourcing Policy

Sets out human rights due diligence as a key part of sourcing of new suppliers, business partners and markets for production. 

Policy for Responsible Business Conduct

Outlines the expectations to our own business conduct.​ ​

Animal Welfare Policy

Our policy for materials derived from animals.

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

The Policy prohibits all forms of bribery and corrupt practices with stakeholders, including offering, promising, or providing any means or value to induce improper actions related to our business.

Chemical Guidelines

Lists all substances and chemicals not allowed in our production or products. ​

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Outlines our expectations and requirements for business partners such as suppliers, sub-suppliers and factories.

Diversity Policy

We have implemented a policy to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion while preventing discrimination at both our Head Quarter and stores.

When you buy an item from us, we’re upfront about how it got there. In the future, there’s no reason why the materials and processes that have gone into that jacket or sweater shouldn’t be as clearly labelled as its size. Establishing sustainable processes for any brand takes work, and we’re more than ready to show you where we’re at.