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Cookie Policy

The website www.holzweileroslo.com is provided by Holzweiler Items AS (“Holzweiler”, “we”, “us”). Here you will find information about how and why we use cookies on our website.


What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with a small amount of data that are added to your browser’s internal memory and let websites remember information about you such as login information or user preferences for a specific site, as well as providing statistics that we use to make our web pages better for our users. Cookies may be created directly by our website (first-party cookies) or by other websites (third-party cookies).


Pixels are image files (pixels) that trigger the use of a cookie after an event occurs. Pixels are used to connect you to third party websites.


Scripts are pieces of code that are necessary to activate a pixel or used to identify your browser or device across different visits and websites.


We may use both session cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your device until the expiration date or until you delete them).


Our use and categories of cookies

We use cookies for the following purposes:


Necessary cookies. Cookies necessary for basic functions on our website, such as security and network management and to enable you to fill out forms.


Analytics cookies. Cookies to analyse, create statistics and reporting for the purpose of improving our website and services, such as the number of visitors and which sites are visited the most.


Personalisation cookies. Cookies allowing us to remember your previous choices, if any, and to provide you with customised content on our website.


Marketing cookies. Cookies to provide targeted marketing on other sites and platforms (such as on social media) based on certain parameters, such as data about your behaviour on our site.


The cookies we use on our website

Name Responsible Supplier Type Category Purpose Data Duration
wpcentra_[token, market, country, pricelist] Holzweiler Holzweiler Cookie Necessary cookies Allows us to construct your shopping cart and localization settings (i.e. currency and shipping location) Session token, country code and localization ID’s 30 days
__cf_bm HubSpot Cloudflare Cookie Necessary cookie This cookie is set by Cloudflare CDN on behalf of HubSpot and is a necessary cookie for bot protection Encrypted information related to the calculation of Cloudflare’s proprietary bot score and a session identifier Expires after 30 minutes of continuous inactivity
__hstc HubSpot HubSpot Cookie Analysis Allows us to track visitor behaviour on our website for a better shopping experience Contains the domain, utk, initial timestamp (first visit), last timestamp (last visit), current timestamp (this visit), and session number (increments for each subsequent session) 6 months
__hssc HubSpot HubSpot Cookie Targeted Used in conjunction with _hstc to determine if session number and timestamps should increment Domain name, page view count and session start timestamp 30 minutes
hubspotutk HubSpot HubSpot Cookie Targeted This cookie is passed to our CRM system on form submissions and is used when deduplicating contacts Contains an opaque GUID to represent the current visitor 6 months
__hssrc HubSpot HubSpot Cookie Targeted This cookie determines if a session is ongoing or new 1 Expires at end of current session
messagesUtk HubSpot HubSpot Cookie Personalization Allows us to recognize visitors who chat with us and load conversation history Contains an opaque GUID to represent the current visitor 6 months
_ga   Google Script Analytics We use Google analytics cookies to measure and evaluate how users interact with website content across browsing sessions.   2 years
_fbp   Facebook Pixel Marketing We use Facebook cookies to measure the performance of ad campaigns, to gain insights about usage of Facebook Services such as Pages, as well as their interaction with ads and websites. Used to distinguish users. 3 months


Your consent


Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change settings so that cookies are not accepted. To change cookie settings, please see the ‘Help’ section of your browser or visit aboutcookies.org. Please note, if you do not accept cookies many websites will not function optimally. Note that you cannot disable necessary cookies.


Third parties


We offer social media features on our website, including links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. These features may collect your IP address, the page you are visiting on our websites, and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. These features may be hosted by a third party, and your interaction with these features is governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policies of such third parties. We recommend that you visit their sites and read their privacy and cookie information.


Accounts on social media


We have accounts on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. As administrator of our accounts, we are to some extent joint controller with the relevant social media provider for processing of the data generated through such pages, including statistics from the use of them. For more information on how we process such personal data, please visit our privacy notice on the social media page.


Changes to this Cookie Notice


This Cookie Notice may change from time to time. We will notify you by appropriate means if we make any changes of significance to you. You will always find the latest version of this notice on our website.


This Cookie Notice was last updated on 2022-04-20