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Holzweiler Platz – A space to eat, think and be

Holzweiler opened the doors to Holzweiler Platz - Our first space to hold both a monobrand store and restaurant.


"We love bringing people together, and this is the place"

- Susanne Holzweiler, Brand Director




We invite the whole family to share moments in the essence of Holzweiler, at Holzweiler Platz - a fluid environment where fashion can be enjoyed with the background sound of coffee being made.


Located in Oslobukta, an emerging and vibrant area of Oslo, Holzweiler Platz is surrounded by cultural facets such as the Opera House and Munch Museum. As well as proximity to the waterfront, a traditional space for trade, discussions, conversations, and connection to the rest of the world (the Oslo Fjord).

The addition of the restaurant, Café Platz, is connecting the family's passion for both fashion and food, which has been a lifelong dream. To run the restaurant Head Chef Petter Nyström was brought on board with extensive experiences from fine dining.


For Café Platz 20% of the tables will each day be reserved for drop-ins, and the restaurant stays open in the evening after the store closes to take care of dinner guests. To book a table visit Cafeplatz.no.

Cafe Platz

Architects Snøhetta has been working to create a special place that continues the Holzweiler handcraft signature style as well as adding new and exciting features with inspiration and respect for the surrounding area. Especially the element of water has had a significant influence on the design and concept around the architecture. As described by Manon Tardieu (Architect, Snøhetta) "As well as being a symbol of life, energy and hope, water unifies people and places located afar from each other. Holzweiler Platz will unify the brand's past with its future, bridging them together to represent the brand today."

"Our goal is to merge fashion, food, art, music and culture into a space with a lot of versatile collaborations both for established, as well as emerging talents"

- Andreas Holzweiler, CEO

Platz store
Platz Store
Platz Store