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We took a catch up with Ali Gallefoss

For the opening of our store in Bergen, we teamed up with artist @aligallefoss to make the artwork for the store blurring the lines between art and functioning display and merchandising objects.

Ali Gallefoss
Ali Gallefoss
Ali Gallefoss

Hey Ali? What's new?

Yo! Hmm, what’s new? I am trying to make the word “swag” become a word for cool people. Which is quite hard. Besides that, the recent collaboration with Snøhetta and Holzweiler where we created a new universe for their store in my home town Bergen, was a huge project and a milestone in my career. Now I am just overwhelmed that I am in a position where I can work the way I want. School is put aside for now, and much-needed summer vacation and some me-time are on the schedule.


While I’m taking a “vacation”, I am working on an exhibition for Oslo Fushion Festival that is opening at the end of August. Earrings, necklaces, and rings from ten jewelry brands will appear like treasures in an abstract landscape of metal, glass, and stone.


Can you give us a few words about this collaboration?

This collection is a result of me drawing with a Japanese brush pen, just lightly touching the surface of the paper and building up patterns by intuitively following the lines. Water, lakes, eyes, and body parts appeared on the sheet of paper in front of me, and I just worked with that.

Tell us about the campaign (your brother)?

We are building a family enterprise. Why hire a random model when you have a hot sack of boy snack at home in mom’s apartment? I had to force him because he appreciates keeping his beauty hidden. But jokes aside, I believe we have contrasts that will look interesting, and since Holzweiler is a family-driven company, it felt natural to involve a member of my own family.


Being a furniture designer, how does it feel to be involved with fashion again?

In my opinion, fashion is more fun than furniture because for me it appears less serious, and maybe more free. I believe that if you are not limited to one industry, you might be more open to input outside your field, whether you work in fashion or furniture or elsewhere.

The collection is small and gives me the possibility to communicate with other customers and perhaps a younger crowd.


Whats next for Ali Gallefoss?

One of the next things happening is huge! Together with Pyton site I will exhibit at Design Miami Basel in September, and we are the only Norwegian representative. This was a part of my ten-year plan, so I guess I will have to plan again. Pyton site is an exhibition space presenting artifacts from past to present, run by Tron Meyer, Henrik Ødegaard, Richard Øiestad.
The summer will be a combination of a lot of dirty wine and long hours at my studio, and of course, quality time with my girlfriend and friends on my second cousin's sailboat.


Top three songs you been listening to lately?

Red Line II (127 Sätra C) Varg2TM, Yung Lean

FÖRSENT 1.Cuz, Greekazo, Yei Gonzalez

Vertigo Bjørn Eidsvåg



Photos by:

Martin Rustad Johansen