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Holzweiler AW23 - Deep Sea:

For AW23, we’ve delved deep for inspiration, creating a sea of patterns and shapes inspired by the Earth’s largest and most mysterious natural habitat – the oceans.

It’s a tribute to nature and the lifeforms that thrive beneath the surface, even in the most harsh environments. There are coral-inspired open weaves, fluid silhouettes and bioluminescent colours and patterns to soak up. Our all-weather accessories and knitwear have also been given a scuba twist. Read more

Photo: Helle Moos
Styling: Francesca Burns
Movement Direction: Yagamoto
Movement Direction Assistant: Emmanuelle Loca-Gisquet
Music: Yves Tomas
Set Design: Ibby Njoya
Lighting: Mark P Jones
Casting Director: Julia Lange
Hair: Provided by Oribe
Makeup: Provided by MAC Cosmetics
Production: Blonde Inc
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