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Meet artist Andreyun aka Sachi

Andreyun or Sachi as many call him is a half Norwegian/half Chinese rapper/singer who makes music in both English and Chinese. He is primarily based in Chengdu but resides in Oslo, Norway for now until further notice. Hanger By Holzweiler sat down with Sachi to learn more about his musical gift and personal style.

Meet artist Andreyun

1. What made you want to start making music?
I’m a sensitive person, and sensitive people usually need to find an outlet for their emotions. Mine happened to be music. I’ve always felt a need to share how I feel with the world, and turning each sort of emotion into a song was pretty much the basis of my interest in making music.


2. How would you describe your music to someone who doesn't know you yet?
I would say my music is a bit all over the place. Some songs are pretty introspective and personal while some are boastful and arrogant. I think they all reflect some aspect of me as a person. My personal favorite songs of mine are the more melodic ones, so go check out songs like Andreyun - “Show Me” and “Stranger”.


3. What inspires your music, style, and everyday life?
Music is what inspires me to find better ways to express how I’m feeling. My style is more based on constantly finding the truest expression of myself. Being in Norway and China the way I feel about how I dress sort of differs. In China, you don’t really bat an eye when you see somebody wearing something crazy but in Norway even just wearing something kind of color can make you feel like you’re sticking out. Some days I put on clothes that make me think ‘I must look fucking insane wearing this shit’ but I always focus on remaining true to myself and walking out the door wearing those crazy things, because, at the end of the day, that’s what I actually wanna wear. When it comes to everyday life what most inspires me is a fast life, and really getting the feeling of all the possibilities there are, and taking a lot of risks.


4. Favourite movie right now?
My favorite movie right now is Memories of Murder by the Korean director Bong Joon Ho, it’s one of those movies that leaves you thinking about how absurd life is, at least that’s how it makes me feel.


5. What is on your wishlist?
I’ve been doing some Mari Kondo lately, and really trying to dig into why I buy so much stuff in the first place and really dealing with the underlying emotion beneath that, so there’s not much on my wishlist. If I were to pick one thing, however, it’s would be the 2009 Last Orgy 2 Varsity Jacket by BAPE and Undercover, it’s very difficult to find in my size.

“Music is what inspires me to find better ways to express how I’m feeling.”

Meet artist Andreyun
Meet artist Andreyun

“Sachi Studios’ is mostly just about living the Sachi life”

6. How has Chinese culture inspired you?
Musically, Chinese culture hasn’t really influenced me much. I think more philosophically and life-wise it’s definitely had a big impact. How I see myself in terms of finding my balance and understanding the nature of good and bad that exists in me and every aspect of life.


7. What is your favourite thing to eat that everyone should try?

My favourite thing to eat is Wingstop. Some lemon pepper wings.


8. How would you describe Norwegian style?
I feel Norwegian style and Scandinavian style, in general, is just very clean and looks very good and simple. I really like that style when people are rocking some new balance and some kind of baggy black trousers with a coat or whatever, I think that’s a super clean look.


9. What tips would you give people that dream of becoming a musician?
I think a good place to start here in Norway is at youth centres because they usually have an engineer or producer who works there once or twice a week and you can get started by making your first demos there, then when you feel confident about them you can upload to platforms like NRK P3, or just go straight at it and put your music on Spotify and share it with your friends. You gotta start somewhere.


10. What's next for Sachi?
This year I’m working on improving my musical output, so next up for me is a mixtape called ‘Sachi Studios’. This will be a mixtape consisting of songs that I usually play live but just haven’t released on platforms yet. It’s very different thematically from my previous release ‘Alone in Chengdu’ which was a very personal project. ‘Sachi Studios’ is mostly just about living the Sachi life and I’ve got a lot of features from different artists. Shoutout to Julius Karoubi who did the cover art for the songs. Other than that I’m planning on getting back to China sometime and continuing to work on building my name and brand over there. The whole world is on lock right now, so there’s no rush. I’ll take it as it comes.