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Vår Sommer - Spring/Summer 2019

This collection is about a specific intimacy. An intimacy with your loved ones. The memories you make together and the style you end up with after wearing the same clothes for weeks.
The best summer memories is about time spent with friends and family, cool summer nights in your comfortable old knitted sweater and the blue sky that appears after a rainy day.
- Norwegian summer, the Design Team

For long, the main summer trend has been a luxury life hidden behind dark sunglasses and sun bleached hair along the the European Riviera. We find the Norwegian summer appealing.; that feeling of fresh air, cruising in a small boat along the Norwegian fjords, walking barefoot and sleeping in tents. Our love of hiking, fishing, camping, practical and functional clothing and festivals. The simplicity of cabin life without the modern comforts of electricity and water. The mountains, the deep fjords and the calming forest.

Unpredictable weather, unpredictable style


You stop caring about how you look. You embrace the freckles on your face, salty skin from swimming and the itchy mosquito bites. The summer uncovers something real, making you feel alive.


"We find the Norwegian summer very exotic and different from the rest of the world. To us it's all about being with friends and family; gatherings at the cabin, hiking in the mountains, music festivals and warm summer nights in the city. Which is why we have created a collection we want to see on our friends and families."


- Susanne Holzweiler , Creative Director