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Holzweiler SS23 - In Transit

Spring/Summer 23 is a collection inspired by how the motion of the human body can change the way our garments behave, exploring the silhouettes that comes to life through movement and dance.


Inspired by the beauty of parachutes suspended mid-air we want to envoke the feeling of weightlessness by using various gathering techniques and delicate tecnical fabrics, contrasted with metal hardware and parachuting harnesses.


Just like the corset of a ballet dancer, these garments has the role to protect our body from danger while also giving the support and function needed to perform under high pressure.

Such as the shape of these garments constricts and changes our mobility, it also gives us the freedom to move in new ways.

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Photo: Helle Moos
Art Director: Magnus Naddermier
Styling: Celestine Cooney
Movement Director: Yagamoto
Music: Yves Tomas
Set Design: Jabez Bartlett
Casting Director: Emma Matell
Hair: Provided by Kevin Murphy
Makeup: Provided by MAC Cosmetics
Nails: Cherrie Snow

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