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Meet artist Julie Aida

Julie Aida is a Norwegian artist who describes herself as “the love child of Keith Haring and a blind CareBear.” Julia Aida is also one-sixteenth German and paints abstract expressionism based on mood and palette. Her biography is more simply: illustrator and creator, as well as being an experimental abstract visual artist at the age of 29.

Interview Julie Aida
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1. What made you want to start making art?
- Oh, mom says I was just a couple of months old when I first got a pencil in my hand and held it properly with my thumb and index finger as support. Many in my family are creative, both artistically and musically, so drawing has always been something I fled to as a child and it’s where I invented my own world and characters. It is in the blood, you can say.


2. How would you describe your work to someone who doesn't know what you do?
- A messy pop art-Pollock-Dali girl who likes to make things and pet her cats.


3. What is your favourite colour and why?
- Every colour triggers unique emotions and feelings, so it's like picking one favourite mood or one feeling. I'm very obsessed with the effect of colours, so I don't have one in particular, but I tend to use a lot of different gradients of blue at the moment. All I know is that the world's ugliest colour is Pantone 448 C and I like to use that colour in my work to spark some psychological, uncomfortable effect. Yellow is the happiest colour, I even have a bright yellow breadbox.


4. Where does your creativity stem from and how do you nurture it?
- It is inexplicably important for me to share creative ideas with others who have the same goals and passion as me, then I feel like a freshly watered strelitzia, ready to grow new larger leaves. This way I get lots of energy and new creative flow. Being around people who water your soil is important.


5. What is your favourite thing to do outside?
- I like to walk around and observe people. People are so rare, fun and nice. I also play basketball as soon as it gets a little hotter out. I have never walked as much as I did last year and this year. I'm probably also a little too fond of going for walks and listening to crimson pods.

“Every colour triggers unique emotions and feelings”

Artist Julie Aida
Artwork 4

“I’ve been around enough to smell fake support”

6. If you could pick one method of being creative, what would you pick and why?

-Probably NFT art, it's the opposite of what I do and I love to evolve and learn new methods.


7. Do you have any tips for young adults that want a career in art?
-Yes, you should always feel a little bit uncomfortable with what you do and never be too safe, safe is boring. Always share your knowledge and ideas, even with assholes. Because eventually, your one idea will set a spark for one person that wants to be a part of your growth and help you reach your goal by connecting with you. Elevate yourself, help others and share. I’ve been around enough to smell fake support, it's not a cute look.


8. What is your go-to snack?
-Pepsi Max and celery. Haters gonna hate.


9. Do you remember your first, favourite piece of clothing?
-I inherited clothes from my older brother and my mom's best friends teenage daughters while growing up, so I never wore anything boxfresh, but I remember I wore this metallic down jacket 24/7 and some white flower printed denim jeans with some vintage converse. It sounds so gnarly and oh, bucket hats.


10. What are you currently working on?
-I was working on an exhibition I was not supposed to have until November 2020, but I have postponed it 7 months ahead as I have a naive hope that everything is open and normal again at the end of 2021. The exhibition covers the period I went through last year towards Christmas when all commercial gigs were postponed or cancelled and I had plenty of time to continue on my own projects, including the exhibition; An abstract series where I only concentrate on filling the sheet with at least 4 colours. Next to that, there is a bit of 3D, punch needle, NFT art and a jewellery collaboration in ceramics that I am very eager to start with.


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