Introducing our Spring/Summer 2023 collection: a free-flowing dialogue of motion, freedom and duality, An exploration into how movement and dance bring silhouettes to life, the collection is inspired by how garments react to human movement.

Referencing the beauty of flowing parachutes suspended mid-air, ‘In Motion’ evokes a feeling of weightlessness – incorporating various gathering techniques and delicate technical fabrics, contrasted with metal hardware and parachuting harnesses.

A nod to our signature form and function, the garments showcase duality – offering protective qualities, while also providing the freedom to navigate in new ways.

Key prints within the collection include a vivid blurred floral print, putting a modern spin on a classic, alongside a new iteration of a traditional paisley print featuring glitched lines to resemble motion.

Held in Axelborg, Copenhagen, the Spring/Summer 2023 show was a visual representation of the collection's attitude.

Featuring three turning platforms placed under giant helium balloons made from recycled parachute material, the immersive set design was finished off by individual lighted balloons, encapsulating our vision of where the garments would reside.
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