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Holzweiler in Vogue Scandinavia

For the first time ever, the whole Holzweiler family came together for a very special shoot by our friends at Vogue Scandinavia


Article published in Vogue Scandinavia
Words by Allyson Shiffman
Photographs by Ignat Wiig
vogue scandinavia
Vogue scandinavia

To call Holzweiler a family brand almost feels like an understatement. Founded by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler nearly a decade ago, the label has steadily evolved to become one of Norway’s greatest fashion success stories while very much keeping things in the family - today, five Holzweilers are on the payroll.


“Every time the business grows, we add a new family member,” Susanne says. The most notable hire is perhaps Maria Skappel Holzweiler, Andreas’ wife, who in her role as Design Director has developed the brand’s effortless, streetwise aesthetic. “Basics with a twist,” as she puts it.


When it comes to the dynamic between the Holzweiler siblings, Andreas is a dreamer, while Susanne operates with a gentle practicality. “Andreas has always been pushing us further, more than I have,” admits Susanne. “His visions always happen.” When Andreas had the vision to introduce a full Holzweiler ready- to-wear collection – both men’s and women’s – a year and a half after the scarves hit the market, there was no stopping him. That’s where his wife, Maria, comes in.


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