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The Hanger is an important symbol to Holzweiler with a lot of values attached.

Holzweiler's Hanger represents community, sustainability, positivity, and design. It brings us together. The hanger has a playful design yet minimalistic. And for the new Hanger by Holzweiler Universe, there is a clear vision and own identity that springs from the new generation of the world we live in.

Hanger By Holzweiler

A collection for all genders

All styles are slightly boxy fitted and the whole program is for all genders. All styles in the collection are based on this fit to make sure that the Hanger Universe is easy to understand and relate to. A more customized grading between sizes to make sure, that all sizes are optimal for various kinds of body sizes and shapes.


Long-lasting products

Holzweiler has always since its beginning focused on sustainability and worked towards being more sustainable every season. Biodegradable bags, sustainable fabrics and ethical production are things we have worked on for a long time now. In order to truly show that we are upgrading and renewing the Hanger collection and are ready to face the new decade, sustainability is the fundament of all our products right from the production of fabrics to packaging.


The strategy for this new collection is to reduce colour options for each season and have these colours available over a minimum of 4 seasons. Forever Scandi favorite colors white and black will be completely seasonless color options that never go on sale. Hoping this will reduce waste and over-stock in stores. There will be added a few seasonal products that will be more playful, humoristic and often done in artists collaborations. However, the concept of having them last for many seasons will remain each time.

Hanger By Holzweiler

About the new Hanger by Holzweiler, Maria Skappel Holzweiler says:

It feels really good to be able to give the Hanger its own specific place within our Holzweiler universe where the products can live their own life regardless of seasons and themes in our main collections. The products are easy to wear, the shapes are recognizable, the details are playful and the colours makes me happy. The collection reflects the team that has been working on it; always playful, forward-thinking, and full of enthusiasm and passion. The Hanger by Holzweiler comes from the heart.


Come hang with us from the 23rd of March 2021. Available online and in selected retail stores.

Hanger By Holzweiler
Hanger By Holzweiler